Ruwenzori Mountains

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In the far west of Uganda, forming a natural boundary with the Congo, and rising to a height of over 5,000 meters are the fabled Ruwenzori Mountains, Mountains of the Moon. Incredibly, although they the highest mountain range in the continent of Africa, the first documented sighting of these mountains by an explorer was just over 120 years ago by Sir Henry Stanley in 1876. Until then, they persisted only in rumor and were believed to contain the source of the river Nile.

Just twenty miles north of the Equator, this snow-capped range has many glaciers and may be climbed to the summits of Mt. Speke, Mt. Stanley, Mt. Luigi Di Savoia and Mt. Baker from the Uganda side only at the moment. There is a seven-day circuit suitable for experienced walkers, and a nine-day circuit for experienced climbers wishing to summit the peaks.

Both these circuits give the adventurer opportunities to see all the flora and fauna common to East African mountains, along with truly magnificent views of lakes and marshlands the like of which will not be found anywhere else.