Murchison Falls National Park

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This is the largest park (3,840 km2), and one of the high points of any visit to Uganda. It is cut in half by the Nile. The land is covered by savannah and tall grassland, with thick bush and woodlands in the higher and wetter areas of the south and east. Closed canopy forests are restricted to the Rabongo area, where ironwood predominates, and small stands along the south bank of the Nile.

The park hosts more than 50 species of mammals, and elephant herds now number several hundred. There are substantial numbers of buffalo and Rothchild's giraffe, and six species of primates, including chimpanzees. Four hundred and fourty-two bird species have been recorded.

One of the prime attractions in the park is, of course, the world famous Murchison Falls. The three-hour round trip by launch to the foot of the falls from Paraa is an adventure that should not be missed. The most impressive and breathtaking view is at the top, where the Nile forces its way through a seven-metre gap in the rocks and tumbles 40 m down. A path leads from the parking above all the way to the bottom and offers spectacular views of foaming waters rushing into the gorge, with a deafening roar. The river then calms down and winds its way to Lake Albert.